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Ear Coach

Ear Coach increases your ability to recognize intervals and chords. This app is perfect for music students and Musicians!


Separate trainer and player for intervals and chords

Large range of intervals and chords

3 challenge levels

Selectable root note range

Adjustable tempo

Check out Ear Coach or Ear Coach Lite here:

Ear Coach

Ear Coach Lite

Interval and Chord Trainer
This is where you can practice your interval/chord recognition abilities. Ear Coach will play an interval/chord and you pick which one is correct from the given choices.

The chord/interval can be replayed if you need to hear it again.

the way in which the chord/interval can be changed between 3 different modes – ascending, descending, and together.

Interval And Chord Player

In this mode, you can play any interval/chord.

All you have to do is select the interval/chord type, how you want it to be played, and in what octave. Then you tap on any note and Ear Coach will play the interval/chord.

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